About Solid Wood Garden Furniture


Indoor furniture, it must be said has more items available than you ever imagine. When it comes to garden furniture however, there are admittedly less options, but that’s not to say there aren’t so many as to fill up your brain and make you wonder if this endeavour wasn’t a terrible idea from the start!

Let’s not forget as well that the furniture material is another aspect of this. Garden furniture has a wealth of options available: Solid Oak, Teak, Pine, Metal, Plastic, Wicker and Aluminium. There’s a lot of choices available and so it’s best to plan what style and material you want before heading off down this particular Rabbit hole.

Reasonable Price

Some people don’t think about price when buying Solid Wood Garden Furniture. For them, quality matters a lot than any other factor. We know however, that quality and price do not always go together. There are multiple ways out there to buy quality, durable furniture for low prices. There are many cheap furniture stores online which are selling Solid Wood Garden Furniture at very reasonable rates. You can also go for the option of used wood garden furniture which will also save you some money.


When it comes to solid hardwood furniture for garden, Teak is considered as one of the most reliable woods for outdoor use: It is resistant to decay and has naturally present silica which gives it anti-fungal properties. Solid Wood Garden Furniture built from Teak can bear harsh weather conditions and has the possibility to last for much longer compared to any other furniture material.


You need to consider the fact that wood garden furniture also needs maintenance. If you want your garden furniture to last longer, you will have to take good care of it with cleaning, applying protective coats and possibly even varnishing. Solid Wood Garden Furniture can avoid decay through these preventative measures in a much easier fashion than metal furniture can avoid rust. This again is a positive for wooden outdoor furniture.

Info of Teak Indonesian Furniture

Furniture plays perhaps the greatest role in this. The material and style of your furniture can be a status symbol that reflects on you.

If you want to give a great impression, or just only want the best of the best, then you should consider Indonesian teak furniture. Teak is not only a symbol of class and resistance, but it is also backed up by one of the most amazing natural quality that you can find in wooden materials.

This kind of furniture doesn’t necessarily have to come from Indonesia. The term originates from the fact that teak is a tree that comes from several countries from the south and southeast Asia. For some reason, the country Indonesia stood out, and the name caught and became the term for which the wood was referred. And therefore, the furniture made from it is commonly known as Indonesian teak furniture.

Although still one of the rarest wood available, teak was planted in several places. In fact, in some areas, local governments require Indonesian teak furniture to be manufactured only from sustainable plantations, to keep the species from disappearing from the area.

The quality that this kind of furniture is most known for is its high resistance to weather. You can leave Indonesian teak furniture outside all year and it won’t deteriorate or be affected by sun or rain. Also, it has a natural resistance to bugs. These two qualities make Indonesian teak furniture a valuable and lasting choice. It’s so lasting that there are families that have had Indonesian teak furniture passed on for several generations.

In addition to its resistance, Indonesian teak furniture is loved for its great looks. It has a natural beautiful honey color that gives it a traditional and classy look. Some techniques can darken it if that’s what you want.

Get Advantages Wooden Furniture


There are certain woods like mahogany that are being over harvested, which can have long-term consequences. For this reason, it makes sense to buy the item of furniture that relies on the sustainable wood. This is certain to appeal to those homeowners that are looking for an ecologically safe way to furnish the living room or dining room.

Easy to maintain

Wood is a material that is relatively easy to care for. A regular dusting session will keep the item of furniture clean. A natural wax polish is a practical choice to maintain the items with a polished finish. Any non-treated or treated furniture should not be cleaned with water. Wood is very absorbent and letting the furniture get wet often can cause long-term damage.

Great versatility

Wood is a higher versatile material and easily complements the rustic, modern or traditional home. Adding a few items of furniture in cherry wood to the dining room is a great way to create the traditional look, while pine is useful for the rustic inspired theme, and ash is favored for the modern kitchen. Also, it is possible to mix and match a few styles of wood to create a really eclectic room.

Reuse An Old Adirondack Chair

Pot Holder

One can use a spindle chair’s top to hang or hold the flowerpots. It will look incredible when the small colorful pots will be hanging on the wall on a wooden block. Adirondack chairs are suitable for flowerpots because it can provide a stronger grip to the pots and wood will give a natural appearance to it. The best part about it is that you can place it anywhere. All you have to do is just split the top of the Adirondack chair, paint it, and screw in some metal holders placed equal distance apart. You can paint your new flowerpot holder according to the theme of the home.

Garden Planter

In case your chair is missing a seat, turn it into a planter. Take away the remaining part of the seat and put the pot inside it. Place it in the backyard or garden. But make sure that the pot is a perfect fit for the chair so that it doesn’t look awkward. So, what are you waiting for? Hold your toolbox and make the best garden planter right now.

Picture & Key Hanger

If there is any creative way to use the Adirondack furniture, using it as a picture hanger is one of them. Imagine your guests entering the living room and being amazed by the collection of pictures hanging on the wall. Yes! Using the blocks of the chair for pictures is a great idea. Just combine the blocks of the chair in any design (square, triangle, or many others), use clothes pins to hold the photographs and voila! You are all set to daze everyone. You can even hang keys on it too. So, augment the walls and let everyone adore your new photo hanger.

Comfortable Swing

As a kid, almost everyone enjoyed swinging. It’s time to relive your childhood. If the legs of the Adirondack chair are broken, transform it into a swing. Even if the legs of the chair have become weaker but the upper portion is still stronger enough to bear your weight. The backyard, living room, and terrace are the ideal areas for the swing.